100% Recycling of all tyres

Achieving the complete recycling of end of life tyres has been the focus of Murfitts Industries from the very start. Following years of research and development, we have created a completely bespoke plant that enables 100% recycling of a tyre, which includes the rubber, fibre and steel.

Our process has been crafted to answer the needs of both our tyre-supplying clients and those organisations procuring and using the recycled products we manufacture.

We provide a trustworthy and environmentally sound way of processing end of life tyres into a quality granular end product that is a sustainable, clean and versatile material with low environmental impact.

How does it work?

Our purpose built factory enables the journey from tyre to accurately graded, clean rubber granulates to take a matter of minutes - that’s why we can recycle 1,255 tyres per hour!

As part of the process, the raw material passes through a series of computer monitored phases from initial cleaning to final granulation and grading. Our shredders and granulators are complemented by a comprehensive system of magnetic separators and fibre extraction equipment to ensure the minimum of contaminates – something all of our clients expect.

Recycling innovation

We continually explore new ways of recycling, so that the products we produce with end of life tyres can equally be recycled and repurposed for the same use, or reformulated and used for new applications.

Where our products are used in artificial sports pitches, we are now able to recycle the complete pitch, using a safe and sustainable process. The constituent parts are separated, and the rubber is extracted and used as fuel for cement kilns. The processed rubber is burnt at exceptionally high temperatures, so no waste is created, and no toxins are released into the atmosphere.

To ensure our operations continue to meet UK legislation, we are also licensed by the Environment Agency.

So, it’s not just good news for the environment. 100% product recycling means our sustainability credentials are impeccable and our efficiency is such that we can offer quality products at a competitive cost.

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