PRO-gran: The Ultimate Pitch Infill

Introducing a truly sport-enhancing Polymeric Infill for artificial pitches that performs as well in the wider environment as it does on the field of play.

A revolutionary Polymeric Infill

The case for artificial sports pitches is virtually self-evident – longevity, resilience and exceptional performance. But our latest product combines all of these benefits while adding a 100% degree of protection to the environment and to the health of users. The Polymeric Infill has been engineered so that it emits no PAHs, heavy metals or micro plastics, and is extremely tough. It performs as well as it looks, and lasts for at least 10 years.

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PRO-gran – an all-round great performance

The ultimate performance

No other artificial pitch infill matches PRO-gran’s performance for ball bounce, ball roll and surface stability

Unbeatable playing experience

Enhanced playing experience through consistency of play, lower surface temperatures, no airborne particulates and no aroma

Up to 25% reduction in skin abrasion

With a big reduction in skin abrasion, players will be more than happy with PRO-gran’s performance. Tests performed by Labosport, France

No polluting or harmful substances

PRO-gran is the winning formula for 100% pitch safety. Safe for the players and the environment; it releases no heavy metals, PAHs or micro plastics

Lasts the lifetime of the pitch

PRO-gran doesn’t degrade or breakdown. It is high performing and lasts for at least 10 years’ worth of use. (Test: LiSport XL 15,000 cycles)

Future proof

Releasing no PAHs, PRO-gran already exceeds stringent European toxicology standards and meets the criteria for REACH 1272/2013 as an article

UV stable

PRO-gran is UV stable and meets the requirements of FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf and World Rugby Regulation 22


Can be recycled and reused providing excellent value for money

Quality assured

Every batch is tested to ensure full compliance with industry standards. Tests include particle size distribution, environmental testing and wear

Improves the look of the pitch

Available in both green and brown, PRO-gran makes artificial pitches look better than any other infill

How PRO-gran is used

This cross-section of an artificial pitch displays the layers that create the pitch and how PRO-gran is used. The Polymeric Infill (PRO-gran) keeps the grass fibres upright, creating consistent optimum conditions year-after-year, for up to 10 years. 

It doesn’t significantly compact and keeps the pitch safe from becoming slippery as well as providing excellent drainage.

PRO-gran never looks worn out

Not only is PRO-gran harder wearing than the competition, but it is also guaranteed to last the lifetime of a pitch. 

PRO-gran is still perfect after 15,000 cycles in LiSport XL tests; that’s the equivalent of 10 years of use.

Raising the bar on safety standards

We became increasingly aware of the concerns, sparked by media reports, that there may be health risks associated with synthetic pitches. 

Studies suggest there is no significant risk from rubber crumb but still we wanted to address these negative perceptions. 

Our solution is PRO-gran - a Polymeric Infill that is engineered to offer the best in performance and is safe for players and the environment.

Peace-of-mind now guaranteed for 10 years

PRO-gran has performed so well in testing that we are now able to offer a 10-year guarantee with every artificial pitch that it is used on.

The warranty covers any defects in the materials and workmanship, fading and discolouration, degradation under UVA and UVB exposure, agglomeration and staining. 

To see how PRO-gran could benefit your pitch, download the sample warranty today.  

Watch PRO-gran in use

Shelford is the first Rugby Club to play on PRO-gran. Watch their training session in action!

PRO-gran is working really well for the club. Dr Leslie Gelling, Club Secretary says that “Players have reported how the true nature of the PRO-gran infill leads to greater confidence in the surface, especially when kicking at goal, creating a reliable base for the standing foot, reducing the risk of injury and hopefully improving accuracy.”

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