Significant media interest shown in PRO-gran

Towards the end of 2017, we were really pleased to see a lot of media interest developing in PRO-gran.

Following the official launch of our new product at FSB in November, a number of media outlets ran stories profiling PRO-gran, our business and the story behind why this new product was developed.

Locally, here in Cambridgeshire, a number of newspapers were interested to find out more about how, as a local company, we are looking to be a world-leader in developing this brand-new type of artificial pitch infill.

PRO-gran is revolutionary as not only does it provide longevity, resilience and exceptional pitch performance, with a guaranteed 12-year lifespan, it also offers 100% protection to both the environment and to the health of users. 

In industry-specific publications that element of the product has been of particular interest. We were especially pleased with the coverage on the website which you can read here. The website has 50,000 members within the turf care industry so it’s a prime audience for us to reach.

What we really liked about the Pitchcare article is that they didn’t just report on the launch of our new product, but rather questioned how useful the benefits that PRO-gran offers really are.

In the opinion piece they quote our documented evidence about why PRO-gran can be called the ultimate pitch infill.

This includes:

  • No other artificial pitch infill matches PRO-gran’s performance for ball bounce, ball roll, consistency of play and surface stability
  • Other benefits include lower surface temperatures, no aromas, no airborne particles and excellent drainage properties
  • With up to 25% reduction in skin abrasion, players are delighted with the performance.

They go on to say that these facts are: “…very good news for the health of our children, grandchildren and the countless budding sports stars playing on 3G.”

The article goes on to question why there is a need for a new product and we welcome this analysis being placed upon PRO-gran. The article tells readers about the conclusions drawn by the European Chemicals Agency a few months ago who, after testing the black rubber crumb which is currently widely used, stated that “recycled rubber infill causes a very low level of concern.” In short, safety concerns have been present for a number of years and despite vigorous testing those safety concerns still remain.

Our aim with PRO-gran is to ensure that any safety concerns are eliminated by providing an innovative product which provides proof of 100% safety.

The Pitchcare article concluded: “Of course, the arguments surrounding natural versus artificial will rumble on, as will the environmental issues regarding flooding, end of life disposal and such like…the innovation is surely to be applauded, isn't it?”

Thank you Pitchcare for your support of PRO-gran and to all the other media outlets who have shown support for our new product.

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