PRO-gran is going global

Since its launch in 2017 PRO-gran has become the pitch infill for sports clubs around the world.

Although established and manufactured here in the UK, that hasn’t stopped clubs in the Middle East, the USA, and the Netherlands from adopting the infill to help them create future proof pitches for their players.

As PRO-gran is unlike any other artificial pitch infill due to its rigorous testing and high standard for player safety, PRO-gran stands head and shoulders above many of the pitch infill alternatives that can be found on the market.

While the case for artificial sports pitches is self-evident providing clubs with longevity, resilience and exceptional performance, the addition of PRO-gran provides clubs with the peace-of-mind that our infill has been engineered to emit no PAH’s, heavy metal or microplastics.

As well as looking great, PRO-gran lasts for 10 years and a 100% degree of protection to the environment and health of players.

At Murfitts, we could shout about the benefits of PRO-gran all day long, but the real proof of the product is with those clubs that use our PRO-gran pitches.

With PRO-gran pitches now spread across the world map, we thought we’d reveal the sports clubs that have adopted PRO-gran and how they’ve found our high-performance infill.

Shelford Rugby Club - Cambridgeshire 

As the first team to adopt PRO-gran, Shelford Rugby Club has been playing on their PRO-gran pitch for just over a year now.

Added to their artificial turf in early 2018 during a pitch renovation, Shelford Rugby Club wanted an infill that would be able to withstand the player's performance without incurring any artificial pitch abrasions.

While product safety is our main priority with PRO-gran, and we’ve gone through a plethora of tests to ensure the durability of PRO-gran, it has been incredible to gain the support and recognition of an established club such as support Shelford Rugby.

Hamilton Football Club - Lanarkshire 

In 2018 Hamilton Football Club went through major investment to renovate their artificial pitch, something that was widely reported on within the media.

As their existing artificial pitch had been voted ‘the worst artificial pitch in Scotland’, the club was keen to transform their pitch to the highest standard possible.

PRO-gran was selected as a pitch infill during this renovation, and we took great pride in being able to support the club in creating a pitch that would not only improve performance of their players but would set a new standard for artificial pitches in Scotland.

Since the summer 2018 installation of PRO-gran, Hamilton’s performances have surged in strength, with the Accies being promoted to the Scottish Premiership.

Liverpool Hope Park - Liverpool 

Liverpool Hope University added PRO-gran to their pitch infill when they took the decision to add an artificial pitch to their sports facilities at the University.

As the first artificial pitch at the university, they were keen to create a pitch that could be used in all seasons and provide extra income from outside teams.

PRO-gran was chosen not only for its high standards in regards to health but also for its high-performance abilities.

PRO-gran has performed so well in testing that we can offer a 10-year guarantee on every artificial pitch. Providing this level of assurance was one of the many reasons PRO-gran was an obvious choice for the universities investment.

SV Loosedrechect - The Netherlands 

SV Loosdrecht added PRO-gran to their pitch renovation in 2018. 

The football club based in Holland specified that any infill included within the tending process needed the relevant test reports to confirm the infill’s levels of restricted PAH’s are those defined for consumer products.

Not wanting to compromise pitch performance, SV Loosedrechect selected PRO-gran because the playing experience is better than that of rubber crumb and the product exceeds REACH’s criteria as an article.

Ministry of Education - Singapore 

The Ministry of Education Singapore has chosen the hybrid infill PRO-gran to upgrade their school playfields across the state.

Initially built in 2007 with a traditional 3G pitch infill, the Ministry of Education Singapore put out a tender in early 2019 for the replacement of their existing turf on school fields, as they wanted an infill to be heat-retardant and free of any contaminants.

A total of seven organisations took part in the tender, but UK innovation PRO-gran won the contract as the hybrid infill has been tested and passed under FIFA, WRB, and FIH system.

Now PRO-gran will be placed across the state on 150 of its school playfields to improve the quality and safety of 3G pitches for the children of Singapore.

Yuk Soccer Field - Macau 

Yuk Soccer Field based in Macau on China’s Southern Coast adopted PRO-gran during their stadium renovation in 2018.

While a number of market leaders pitched to provide the infill for Macau’s new artificial pitch, PRO-gran won the contract not only due to its unique formula but also due to PRO-gran’s UV stability.

This was a game changer for Macau who can often experience extreme weather conditions.

Due to its well-tested formula, PRO-gran maintains a low surface temperature which reduces skin abrasions by 25%, as well as improving ball bounce and roll. 

FC Barcelona - Spain 

World-renowned football club FC Barcelona chose PRO-gran as their pitch infill in 2019, as part of a major renovation to their training ground Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

As Europe’s destination for future footballers, FC Barcelona employed specialists to research alternative artificial pitch infills on the market. The FC Barcelona medical team were part of the testing team to ensure the infill met the requirements for player safety.

Due to PRO-gran being REACH compliant as a consumer product, the team decided that no other infill came close to PRO-gran for safety and performance.

Discussing FC Barcelona's adoption of PRO-gran, Managing Director Mark Murfitt commented that, "FC Barcelona are well-renowned for producing high-quality football, so it's only fitting that they build a high-performance pitch which takes into consideration the safety of the players."

These are just a handful of clubs from around the world who have experienced the benefits of a PRO-gran pitch first-hand.

Despite being in opposites parts of the world, their aim for their pitch remains the same; to provide a safe pitch for their players that doesn’t compromise on performance.

For further information regarding our PRO-gran infill contact us today. 

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