Murfitts raise awareness of tyre recycling with British GT team

As the UK's largest recycler of end of life tyres, Murfitts Industries provides a waste solution for some of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of tyres and helps to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with post-consumer tyres.

Beyond the tyre and recycling industries, public awareness of what happens to their old car tyres is limited, with few aware of how they are disposed of in an environmentally sound way. What is also relatively unknown is the innovation behind the goods that are manufactured out of the waste, so that 100% of every tyre is recycled and repurposed into another product.

As a significant support to the tyre industry, Murfitts wanted to increase the public's awareness of the environmental benefits tyre recycling creates and to improve understanding of the multiple products that are made out of end of life tyres.

As part of their awareness drive, Murfitts Managing Director, Mark Murfitt, explains why the business chose to sponsor Fox Motorsports British GT team and what the exposure will deliver.

"We wanted to raise the profile of Murfitts Industries, but in way that is intrinsically linked to the recycling service, we provide for our clients. As we are the biggest recycler of UK tyres, sponsoring a team in the British GT Championship was a natural choice.”

“GT racing is well-loved in the UK, and it has a huge global following. The Championship is high-profile and appeals to a really broad audience, so what better way to raise the profile of the brand?”

“We wanted to work with Fox Motorsport as the team has a strong track record in GT racing and real dedication to the sport. We were impressed with their past performance in the Championship, and they are clearly seasoned professionals!”

 “Our ambition is that through the publicity achieved by the racing, the public will begin to understand more about the huge benefits of tyre recycling. Very few people realise that 100% of their car tyre is recycled, with no waste going into landfill.”

“There is also limited awareness of the multitude of products that are made out of the waste materials, from carpet underlay to roads. One of the main uses of the waste rubber is “rubber crumb” - an infill used on 3G sports pitches. We have taken this recycled material one stage further and coated it in polyurethane to create the best infill on the market and one that is completely safe for the players.”

“In the months to come we hope to be announcing new products which will take tyre recycling to a new level, and we look forward to the positive exposure the Murfitts’ brand is gaining through its relationship with Fox Motorsports British GT team”.

To find out more about Murfitts’ bespoke recycling process and range of products made out of waste tyres, click here. 


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