First PRO-gran Pitch - Cirencester Club

Gloucester based football club Cirencester FC were the first club to take on our PRO-gran infill back in 2017. Since the installation, Cirencester have played two seasons of games on the pitch, as well as hosting junior games. We caught up with Scott Griffin at the club to find out how they’re getting on with the pitch, now a year on from being the first club to take on the innovative infill. 

Now that you’ve had the PRO-gran pitch for over a year, how have you found the pitches performance over the seasons? 

The pitches performance hasn’t let us down once. It is still in such good condition that it looks brand new and plays amazingly well. 

What makes PRO-gran stand out to you as a pitch infill? 

Aesthetically, the green infill. It looks brilliant and makes the pitch look even more realistic to grass. On the performance side of things, you only need to watch a game or look at videos or match photos to see that there is very little ‘splash’ if any. If you compare it to other teams at our level and above who have 3G pitches but have the black infill you will notice a clear difference visibly.

How have the players found using the pitch over the year? 

Our players love the pitch and last season it was a big factor in the performances that were on display which saw our men’s team finish as runners up in our league. 

Have you received any comments from other teams or fans regarding your PRO-gran pitch? 

99% of the spectators love it! The style of football and quality they are getting to see week in week out is the best we have had on display for many years. Especially due to the ability to play on a flat pitch which suits our passing game. Every single team that visits the Corinium Stadium can’t wait to play on our pitch and it gets rave reviews each time. 

How has the PRO-gran pitch supported the youth teams over the year? 

Our youth teams have gone from strength to strength with more teams being formed as a result of the 3G pitch installation. The quality of our teams throughout has also improved due to more training time available and of course the ability to perform on a great surface certainly helps.

What would you say to a club considering PRO-gran? Has the team seen a difference in using PRO-gran compared to the previous pitch? 

Without being biased, I have recommended PRO-gran to many clubs already as we have had at least five different clubs visit us with a view to installing their own 3G pitch. We have reiterated to them that in our eyes, there is no better product. Having had experience as a player and also a spectator on ‘other 3G surfaces’ the difference is immediately obvious, in terms of team play, and individual players standing out. It also makes it an attractive style of play to watch. PRO-gran really stands heads and shoulders above any other product.

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