A game-changer in sporting safety

PRO-gran is a Polymeric Infill, engineered to offer the very best in performance and safe for players and the environment. It combines the exceptional dynamic properties of rubber, which is then coated in polyurethane to make it 100% safe. PRO-gran has been thoroughly tested and is approved by the Dutch Soil Decree and meets the criteria for REACH 1272/2013. 

Ultimate performance

PRO-gran provides an unbeatable playing experience. No other artificial pitch infill can match its performance for ball bounce, ball roll and surface stability. 

A great game, every time

Players enjoy the benefits of an enhanced consistency of play, lower surface temperatures, no airborne particulates, no smell and efficient drainage in the rain. Tests show that skin abrasion is reduced by 20-25% (Labosport). 

Guaranteed to last the lifetime of a pitch

PRO-gran is harder-wearing than any other pitch infill, and is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the pitch. In LiSport XL tests, it suffered almost no deterioration after 15,000 cycles - the equivalent of 10 years of use.

Looks great too! 

Some 3G turf systems are susceptible to excessive splash from players and ball. With its particular design properties, PRO-gran causes much less splash - a better experience for the players and a less visible effect for the fans. 

PRO-gran artificial pitches are more visually attractive than with any other infill. It comes in a choice of green or brown and will look vivid, colourful and clean for many years to come – especially on TV!


PRO-gran’s unique coating will last for the lifetime of the pitch. Then the infill can be extracted, returned to the factory, recoated and reused. 

Quality assured

Every batch of PRO-gran is tested to ensure full compliance with industry standards. Tests include particle size distribution, environmental testing and wear tests. 

PRO-gran exceeds the most stringent regulations 

  1. REACH
    The criteria for REACH 1272/2013 as an article specify that the levels of eight named polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) contained within toys and childcare items, such as babies’ teething rings, must be less than 0.5mg per kg of material. In all tests, PRO-gran has shown zero levels for all eight. 
  2. Dutch Soil Decree
    PRO-gran does not contaminate or release harmful chemicals, PAHs or heavy metals into the ground, meaning there is no short- or long-term harm to the local or wider environment. Consequently, the product is approved by the Dutch Soil Decree, which is amongst the most stringent legislation in the EU at controlling the release of harmful chemicals and heavy metals into the environment. 
  3. FIFA and World Rugby
    PRO-gran is UV stable and meets the requirements of FIFA’s Quality Programme for Football Turf and World Rugby Regulation 22. 

PRO-gran: the future-proof solution

PRO-gran exceeds all existing and impending requirements in an ever-tightening landscape of safety and environmental compliance. It releases no harmful substances and is guaranteed to remain in perfect condition for at least 10 years of typical use. There’s simply no better way of making sure your asset remains compliant in the long-term future. And if you need any more proof of PRO-gran’s exceptional performance, see what Cirencester Football Club has to say on the matter – PRO-gran’s first artificial pitch in the UK. For more information please email or call us.

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