100% recycling of over 11 million tyres every year

A tried and tested solution for end of life tyres. 

Responsible tyre recycling

As the UK’s largest tyre recycling operation, we collect, process and repurposed post-consumer tyres, so that 100% of the tyre is recycled and reused in a variety of products. From artificial turf infill and playground rubber mulch to carpet underlay and road surfaces, no part of the tyre is wasted.

Tyre recovery and recycling

At our tyre recycling plant in Suffolk, we repurpose over 11 million post-consumer tyres every year at our custom built facility – that's over 1,255 tyres per hour!

In partnership with the biggest global suppliers of tyres, we have developed a sophisticated system to collect and dispose of pre-used tyres, which are then recycled into a variety of products and surfaces.

Tyre recycling plant

The process involved to reduce a complete tyre to a fine quality rubber crumb is essentially one of size reduction, separation and refining. However, to achieve the exceptionally high standards and diversity of product that our clients' demand has taken years of research and development and the construction of a completely bespoke production plant.

Environmental credentials for tyre recycling and resupply

Our state-of-the-art tyre recycling system means we can recycle a full 100% of the component materials in all our tyres. That’s 100% of the rubber, 100% of the steel and 100% of the fibre, and we believe we are the only tyre recycling plant in the world to be able to make this claim.

A safe working environment

We're not just concerned with being good to the environment. We also go to great lengths to make our plant a good environment to work in. Substantial investment has been made in noise reduction, air filtration and safety in the workplace. As a result, we have a loyal and dedicated workforce who are committed to ensuring we deliver quality to our customers.

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